Answers of the week 8

Thank you guys for all your questions. Here are the answers to the questions we selected from this past week:

Decado7: Have you ever thought about increasing the NPC element in the game- adding things like NPC towns/villages/tavern or something that gives players a place to congregate but also a place that will have the risk of pvp breaking out? I’m referring to NPC’s that might be interactive – ie selling things. Possibly even player created/managed.

Joel Bylos: You’ll see the first elements of this in the new biome. The goal is to have passive NPCs and Thralls use roughly the same setup once we have the settlement system. Then we will be doing a pass over the world and changing some of the camps and cities to be more neutral places where players can visit and interact on neutral grounds.

industry13: Vanity question. I was so pleased to see at least one of my favorite emotes from Age of Conan make it into Conan Exiles. When sitting in Age of Conan, the emote would take into account where the player was. If my character were standing near a ledge, and then sat, their legs would hang off, for instance. Any plans to make the sit emote ..surroundings aware? Can we also get wall lean? Please?

Joel Bylos: We can try to make the emote system more aware during the polish phase of the game. Currently it is not a major focus as we are putting most of our time at the moment into reworking core systems and preparing the new area of the world.

Symmbiotica: Will we ever see a clan alliance system? Example: We are on a pvp server and have made friends with the neighbor. He got godded as such things happen, and we would like to help assist his rebuild so he can help us retaliate. But he cant come over because my thralls keep stabbing him. Other than picking up all my thralls, leaving doors open, he cant come over. Id like the ability to tell my guys that hes a friend, and allow him use of things. Like a door, a crafting table, maybe a chest to make trading while offline possible. Things of this nature.

Joel Bylos: Yes, there are a few elements that we plan to have that you touch on here. Firstly, Clan Alliances. It was something we put further back in our plans due to the survey, but we will eventually add the ability for clans to form alliances.

Secondly, thrall AI, we are hoping that when we have the thrall system fully implemented you will be able to tell them which kind of targets they should attack. I say hoping because we are still working on the core AI features and this is not a given.

Finally, permissions, we hope to change the way permissions work in the game very soon! At the very least we will be changing certain item permissions so that they are always open (it doesn’t make a lot of sense that people can’t share campfires or use any chair etc).

EpicDoom32: I’m sure it is low priority in comparison to everything else and I am grateful all the same for their inclusion, but will throwing axes/javelins ever be stackable items?

Joel Bylos:Probably. The orbs have basically fixed the problems we were having earlier with stackable projectiles so we can probably reconfigure throwing weapons into stacks now. Because of certain changes we are making to the way attacks work, the throwing weapons will all become main hand weapons regardless.

DeadArsenal: I’m a big fan of Necromancy in games that doesn’t boil down to Reanimate Corpse for 60 seconds, which seems to plague games that allow Necromancy. What is your vision for Necromancers? If sorcery is intrinsically tied to corruption wouldn’t that make corrupt real estate something sorcerers would fight over? Might allied sorcerers possibly have to share the power of a corrupt location? Could a coven of Necromancers, or even one very patient Necromancer, assemble an army of the dead that could threaten a larger tribe or fight The Purge head on? Do you see Necromancers capable of playing as if the game were akin to Dungeon Keeper?

Joel Bylos:That’s like 10 questions in one. Necromancy is going to work similarly to how thralls work. You summon undead (of various types) using reagents/artefacts that you must gather in the world, you can place them out around your base and use them for defence or attack etc. You can assemble a large number of the dead, naturally. They can defend against the Purge and pending if we get the companion system working, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t bring some of them around with you.

Corruption is something that you use when performing sorcery, it won’t be something you need to land claim, but you’ll want to stay close to corrupted areas or equip corrupted items in order to keep your corruption thresholds high. High corruption thresholds are your key to powerful sorceries.

I don’t think Dungeon Keeper is a great analogue, no, as that game allows very direct manipulation of environments and creatures.

Prinz der Harlekine: I love to roleplay and can get really into building my place in the world. How much building and decoraion stuff can we exspect in future patches? Especially because many people see the game as a raid simulator and are annoyed that I don’t build giant cubes with tons of high tier materials in it that they can loot.

Joel Bylos:We’ll continue adding buildings and decorations in updates for the rest of the Early Access period. We have planned some cultural decoration packs which the art team can work on when they are not required for larger things (like a biome).

The new biome will also have at least two new distinct visual tiers of building type.

Frost: Are any changes to the building system going to happen? As it is now defenders and raiders can instantly build whatever they want during a fight – so long as they have the building peices – making online raiding almost impossible.

Joel Bylos: Yes changes to the building system are happening.

StupidMonkey: Is it possible to add a system for clans where if the leader does not log in for 30 days it trickles down to the next person? It’s pretty frustrating to have an entire village made with no way to invite new players to come see it.

Joel Bylos: I don’t know if we would prioritize a feature like this. We are planning to add more levels of clan permission and this might include giving people the power to replace the leader after a period of inactivity, but I am not sure how difficult it is (nor how often this very specific scenario comes up).

Use Your Brain: You mentioned reduced building costs before. Is there plans to reduce the cost of t2 or t3 building parts in the future and if so when?

Joel Bylos:There are still plans. We are working on a lot of rebalancing throughout the coming weeks and building cost changes will happen during that period.

Valkhanian: Any chance to raise the amount of lvls? 50 lvls is way too easy, and a higher amount of lvls can be a motivation to keep playing, perhaps even consider don’t limit lvls at all.

Joel Bylos: We will probably add more levels. We will never have unlimited levels as that would make the game system impossible to balance and make the gap between old and new players far too large.