Anniversary: Dungeon Keeper is 20 years old so let’s SALEebrate

War for the Overworld, Evil Genius, Dungeons 2, and others also join the festivities!

Being bad can be so damn good. The most fortunate of us learned this the right way: from videogames. It was twenty years ago when Dungeon Keeper first reared its highly innovative and remarkably horny head, single-handedly introducing a new breed of RTS games that we’ve come to call Dungeon Managements. In honor of the trailblazing classic, we’re holding a Special Sale, where both the originals and their spiritual successors are going for up to -75%!

Short after the first game’s release, developers Bullfrog followed up their cult hit with the equally entertaining Dungeon Keeper 2, which further expanded upon the core idea. When the series was regrettably discontinued, though, other developers picked up the torch and run with it, resulting in a number of great strategy/RPGs that toy with this concept of a godlike overlord reigning over comically nasty creatures in pursuit of mischief, mayhem, and reprehensible glory.

Widely celebrated among them is Brightrock Games’ War for the Overworld, a game considered by many as the unofficial, slightly delayed Dungeon Keeper 3. As huge fans of Bullfrog’s classics, the studio recently posted this extensive celebratory piece, where they not only remind us of Dungeon Keeper’s legacy, but also share their own memories of it and talk about how it inspired the creation of War for the Overworld. It is quite the nostalgic read for all dungeon managers out there.

Other games took the core concept of controlling a mischievous evil-doer and put their own spin on it, both in setting and gameplay. Evil Genius, which turns us into a fabulously colorful supervillain, and Ghost Master, which gives us a team of ghoulish creatures to terrorize the living with, are both prime examples of that.

For more straightforward fantasy, however, look no further than Overlord + Raising Hell, which lets us spread mayhem by directly controlling our dark lord, and the maliciously charming Dungeons 2.

The Special Sale will last until July 3, 10PM UTC.