VR Visionaries: Marshmallow Laser Feast + Presstube

We’re on the ground in Austin for SXSW this week, where three VR for Good Creators Lab projects are making their world premiere. We’ll highlight each of them with a dedicated post in our VR Visionaries series—but first, we’re taking you behind the scenes of A Colossal Wave! Created by MARSHMALLOW LASER FEAST in collaboration with Canadian artists Presstube, Dpt., and Headspace Studio, A Colossal Wave! is a large-scale interactive installation—one of only five projects accepted into the SXSW Art Program.

We sat down with Marshmallow Laser Feast Director Robin McNicholas and Executive Producer Nell Whitley as well as Artist James Paterson (Presstube) to learn more about this playful and surreal exploration of humanity’s impact on the environment.