MAGIC 2018: New Pics Up!


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday at MAGIC 2018 held in Monaco, we unveiled four new Shenmue III pics that we want to share with you!

Isn’t she charming?

MAGIC 2018: New Pics Up!

From a scene featuring the recently introduced character.

MAGIC 2018: New Pics Up!

Who is this masterly-looking elderly gentleman?

MAGIC 2018: New Pics Up!

That stance means war! Ryo, it’s time for action!!

It was a pleasure to meet and talk with the fans and Shenmue community. It was also great to see Cedric face to face and not over the phone or Skype. Our time was very well spent!

Yu-san is now on his return to Tokyo, and will be back again Monday to focus on development. 

MAGIC is organized by Shibuya Productions who’s CEO, Cédric Biscay, is co-producer of Shenmue III. The event hosts conferences for manga artists and game creators as well as gaming, cosplay and manga contests.

Please see the official MAGIC site for more information.

Thank you as always for your continued support!