We Heard You – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Hey Everyone,

We are absolutely ecstatic about the support and feedback that we have received from YOU, our fans. We are focused, dedicated, and committed to making Kingdom Come: Deliverance a truly fantastic experience for everyone who plays the game.

We have heard you all and lockpicking is something that we will be working on to make it better. Not only that but having a save and quit feature is something that we will take a very close look at, along with some other "things" as well!

Source: https://twitter.com/DanielVavra/status/963902455812644870

Also: Turning off VSYNC is available in the in-game menu. In the next patch: You will have the option to set specific anti-aliasing modes.

Warhorse Studios thanks you for all your feedback and support!

Oh, and a big HAPPY Valentines Day to all of you beautiful people out there!!!


US Community Manager