Taipei Game Show

The biggest gaming event in Taiwan isn’t just all about the mainstream games, they also have the best place for indie game developers to showcase their newest game titles and projects.

Let’s see who are the 10 awsome games that mentioned by Reimaru Files ⬇️⬇️⬇️

◎ Devespresso Games [#Vambrace:Cold Soul]
◎ Playism -[BREAK ARTS II]
◎ NEXT Studio -[Death Coming]
◎ #Reminisce -[Code: Transcendence]
◎ #ukn-[PARADE]
◎ Broken Rules-[Old Man’s Journey]
◎ Shots Fired Game(Chryse)-[Shots Fired]
◎ The Gentlebros-[Cat Quest]
◎ #HARAPECORPORATION Inc.-[Purrfect Spirits]
◎ 株式会社 Skeleton Crew Studio-[BackSlash]

The Indies Rule! The 10 Awesome Indie Games at Taipei Game Show 2018