SoSE Rebellion Event: Nemesis — 18th February 2018

When: 18th February, 1200 EST / 1700 GMT / 1800 CET

Lobby Name: Nemesis Event

Due to popular request, and continued interest, we will be playing the Armada 3 mod this weekend, the Nemesis beta update. This is a total conversion mod introducing the ships and factions of Star Trek.

Please download the mod beforehand, above is an excellent guide for setting up mods for Sins.

Our goal is to get a couple of good team games in, likely going from 1-2 hours per session at a minimum. Announcements for open lobbies will be made on our discord server for anyone not in the game.

Note: Please only have the Nemesis module active as we will be playing multiplayer.


Mod Install Guide

Mod Download

Discord Server