Release: Crossing Souls

Stranger than fiction. Crossing Souls is now available on, 20% off until February 20, 3PM UTC.Looks like the summer of 1986 is going to be quite the (bicycle) ride for these five intrepid friends! Thanks to the properties of the peculiar pink s…

Behind the Scenes of God of War’s Epic Half-Time Show

As you may have seen this weekend, Kratos and Atreus made a special – and unexpected — guest appearance in Oakland, CA.

The immersive illusion employed cutting-edge technology called “projection mapping” to bring Kratos, Atreus, and the Norse world of God of War to life in front of thousands of fans. You can check out a recording of the performance above.

Time Hack Your VFX Pipeline with Unreal Engine

Real-time rendering technologies are transforming the way VFX studios in the film and TV industry approach production. With Unreal Engine putting more flexibility and creative power into the hands of artists making changes further in the pipeline, real-time is becoming the technique of choice for VFX innovators seeking a competitive edge.

If you’re eager to gain a better understanding of how real-time rendering with Unreal Engine can revolutionize VFX production workflows on film and TV, our latest masterclass is a must-watch primer packed with insights to help you excel.

Last month, Epic partnered with the Gnomon School of VFX in California to present Unreal Engine for VFX: Building and Optimizing Worlds for Real-Time — a masterclass featuring over two hours of in-depth knowledge from from Epic Games technical artist Homam Bahnassi. Broken into two sections, the presentation covers everything you need to know to build a better VFX pipeline using Unreal Engine along with tips for optimizing your production cycle with real-time rendering techniques.

Missed the live class? No sweat. The info-packed replay is now available for you to watch online in its entirety for free!

Focusing on how to build a better VFX pipeline for Unreal Engine 4, the first part offers a comprehensive overview of the content pipeline and explores the fundamental concepts and workflows that drive real-time performance. It explains and visualizes the entire rendering process and provides a bigger picture look at performance and workflows for real-time in Unreal Engine.

Part two digs deeper into the VFX rendering pipeline in Unreal Engine, focusing on best practices for rendering scenes in real-time and tips for getting the most out of your workflows. It also delivers guidelines and profiling techniques to improving CPU and GPU debugging to get top performance from your VFX pipeline.

Ready to dive in and uncover the best techniques for taking your VFX pipeline to the next level with Unreal Engine and real-time rendering? Watch the full masterclass presentations above.

Interested in attending a training event like this? We’ll be at the Vancouver Film School next. Details here.

Unenroll old or unused devices from the Xbox Insider Program

Whether selling, trading, or giving away an old Xbox One console or PC, you may one day find it’s still registered to your Microsoft account and receiving updates through the Xbox Insider Program. The good news is, you can remove consoles or devices you no longer own or have access to from any Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. Sign in on any Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC with your Microsoft account registered in the Xbox Insider Program. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub. In the Xbox Insider Hub, navigate to Settings > Manage devices. Select the console(s) or…

It’s the Humble Book Bundle: Functional Programming by…

It’s the Humble Book Bundle: Functional Programming by O’Reilly! Sink your teeth into top-quality books from O’Reilly! Get Functional Thinking, Clojure Programming, Learning Scala, Programming Rust, and lots more. Plus, your purchase will support Code …