Oculus Research Q&A: Douglas Lanman

This week, we’re introducing you to the team behind Oculus Research’s multifocal perceptual testbed. Five days, five researchers, five questions each. So far, we’ve heard from Optical Scientist Yusufu Sulai, Research Scientist Marina Zannoli, and Research Scientist Kevin MacKenzie. Today, we….. “We’re social creatures, but ones that increasingly live far apart from our friends and loved ones. I want to sometimes pop on my headset rather than always jump on an airplane to see my family. It’s not just about closing our separation in space, but also in time. I want to give my great-great-great-grandchildren a tour of my home. I want them to laugh at our televisions everywhere as such wasted spaces for art. Making this vision a reality isn’t just about VR/AR displays—it’s as much about building a flawless camera to record reality with.” —Computational Imaging Director Douglas Lanman