OrthoVR rebuilds lives in virtual reality

Millions of people around the world suffer amputation and disability due to war, accident, and congenital conditions. Yet relatively few of them have access to mobility aids that would allow them to walk, a freedom most people take for granted. Without prosthetic limbs, it can be incredibly difficult to participate in education, work or even social activities, especially in the

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New Preview Alpha System Update – 2/1/18

Preview Alpha Insiders can expect another new update today, complete with brand new fixes. This update (1802.180131-1450) will begin rolling out at 6.00 p.m. PST and will become mandatory shortly after that.  Read on to learn more about the fixes and known issues related to this build. Fixes: Mixer Fixed an issue which caused the Mixer app to crash when connecting a headset while the app is in use. General  Resolved an issue which sometimes caused degraded console performance in games, apps, and on the dashboard. Party Chat Miscellaneous performance improvements for party chat. Dynamic Theming Additional fixes to address…

NVIDIA Edge计划获奖者:2018年1月

Epic Games与NVIDIA联合主办的NVIDIA Edge计划旨在鼓励使用虚幻引擎创作出具有杰出视觉效果项目的团队和个人,并颁发高端硬件设备作为奖品。每个获奖项目都将获得一块NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti。请别忘了,如果您的项目申请过我们的计划却没有入选,我们随时欢迎您再次提交。


《Red Matter》 Vertical Robot

Red Matter是一款优秀的剧情驱动型VR解密冒险游戏。故事的背景被设定在一个反乌托邦式的科幻冷战时期,由…

Meet Team Xbox’s Brad Rossetti

Last month we spent some time talking to the Xbox Insider Program’s XP champion, The Wee Bear, and this week we’re chatting with Xbox Program Manager Brad Rossetti, who you may know as @WorkWombatman on Twitter. Brad plays a big role in managing and communicating system updates, from posting release notes on The Xbox Insider blog to answering questions posed by Xbox Insiders on Twitter and Reddit and much more. Below, Brad takes some time to better explain his role (and the role of the Xbox Insider team) and talks about some of his favorite games! Hi there! For starters,…