NOW LIVE! It’s the start of the Pool Play matches for…

NOW LIVE! It’s the start of the Pool Play matches for TEKKEN at DreamHack Denver 2017 Click here to catch all the fights live on Twitch!

“The Prophet” by Emilie De Rochefort shows off a…

“The Prophet” by Emilie De Rochefort shows off a breathtaking moment in today’s #ScreenshotSaturday. See more at:

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PAYDAY2: Locke and Load: Day 3


Locke and Load Day 3

First of, many thanks to everyone who joined the Stream yesterday. We had great fun talking about the new Story Line feature and answering your questions. On day three of the Locke and Load event it is time for some new content.

Without going into too much depth, today’s update includes a new way to keep track of your achievements, which will be well needed due to the sheer amount of achievements going in together with the feature. On top of that we gave the Contract Broker an overhaul as well as all loading screens and some of the black screens, which should now have a more emerging sound. Last but not least you can now filter for modded servers on CrimeNet.

Read about the content and updates on the ​Locke and Load website.[]

Free 2 Play? Discount on the Ultimate Edition? You heard right! During the whole duration of the Locke and Load Event PAYDAY 2 will be Free 2 Play, so tell your friends and bring them into the world of crime! In case you miss some DLCs to complete your collection, now is the right time! We decided to celebrate this event even further by reducing the price for the Ultimate Edition!

Since we were already fiddling with the achievements we took the time to make a few changes to already existing ones as well. In addition we’d like to thank everyone of you for your name suggestions. Find out for yourself if yours made it into the game. Lastly, we are aware of the fact that many of you will unlock a lot of achievements right after you start the game. This behavior is intended and a result of how our achievements work. For example, you will unlock Normal, Hard and Very Hard achievements if you complete the achievement on Overkill difficulty.

The muscle on every stealth mission,
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 152.7 MB

Update 160 Changelog
  • Fixed typos in Story Line
  • Enter the Gungeon trophies now award Continental Coins
  • Disabled ammo that could drop underneath the ground on Hotline Miami: D2
  • Fixed a crash when using the Thanatos .50 Sniper Rifle

Via: Steam Community

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Next Week on Xbox: New Games for October 23 – 29

Welcome to another edition of Next Week on Xbox! The Fall season of gaming continues with more of the biggest games of the year coming to Xbox One, like Assassin’s Creed Origins sending us back to Ancient Egypt to uncover the brotherhood’s mysterious origins, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus putting us back in the boots of BJ Blazkowicz as he fights back against the Nazi scourge. Or you could get down and boogie with Just Dance 2018, terrorize campers in Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut, or enjoy the retro-inspired side scroller The Mummy: Demastered. Read on for more details on these games and more below!

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OSD Southwest Members Take Time from TwitchCon, Delivering Supply Drop to Veterans at VA Long Beach Healthcare

LONG BEACH, Cali., OCTOBER 20, 2017 /For Immediate Release/ — While many members of the gaming community, including military community members from OSD, gathered at the annual TwitchCon event in Los Angeles, OSD Southeast volunteers took time to visit the VA Healthcare System campus in Long Beach (VLBHS).

Jeff Bartrom, OSD Southwest’s Regional Director, led the way in arranging this supply drop that will impact over 5,000 veterans and kick off a relationship that will continue to build over time. OSD Partners including GAEMS, Bethesda, Bezier Games, Steve Jackson Games, Starbucks, Disgruntled Decks and Ubisoft helped contribute to make this a fantastic day for the veterans involved.

VLBHS provides comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and extended care programs. It employs more than 2,200 full-time employees, and is the health care provider of choice for more than 50,000 Veterans. Active in both research and education, partnering with universities and education centers across Southern California, it trains a new generation of health care leaders.

OSD’s supply drop program has provided support to over 500,000 military community members, deployed and state-side, since 2010 in the form of gaming, coffee, comics and other generationally relevant items to build camaraderie and provide escape.

To learn more about how OSD’s programs and services are making an impact on the lives of members in our military community, visit To learn how you can make an impact through our programs and service, visit

About OSD (Operation Supply Drop)
OSD provides relevant and relatable impact to the military community through social, professional and service oriented programs around the globe. Read more at:


For further information:

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