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TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-


Release date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Xbox One
Windows 10



TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- modified the physical behavior to meet the technical requirements of the updated development environment giving you the same experience as the original “TorqueL”. TorqueL is a unique 2D spinning action game where you try to reach the goal by rolling and stretching a box which contains your character. In order to get over obstacles that you normally can’t just by rolling and stretching the box, you have to roll while extending the box to jump and fly across these obstacles. This provides a new kind of challenge as you need to carefully control the box making the physique and torque interesting elements of the game. Reach the goal to move on to the next stage (chamber). There are chambers with a number of goals to choose from. There are seven routes that branches out depending on which goal you choose. There is also one secret route you can enter when you meet a specific requirement. Reach the colored goal at the end of each route to finish the route. There are 50 total chambers with seven basic routes and one secret route. You can also enjoy the background music composed by Denji Sano (a.k.a. Sanodg), a well-known music composer, which uniquely plays along with the movement of the box.

For Honor – New Content of the Week (October 5)

Hello Warriors,

This week, check out the new Downpour effect! It is available for all heroes as part of idles, emotes, and executions.

This week, the event playlist is open again and features Brawl with no revenge. This event playlist will be open until October 12th at 8 AM EDT. This coincides with our "Brawling Vanquisher Event". As a community, you’ll need to win as many Brawl matches (PvP & PvAI) as you can. The event will be ending October 9th with a reward of 2,000 steel.

crystalgraziano:Inktober Day 6, Sword. This one is a bit of fan…


Inktober Day 6, Sword. This one is a bit of fan art, Lara Croft with Excalibur 💚

[Inktober 2017] October 6 Prompt: “Sword” by Art of Crystal Graziano

One more week of the Humble Gems Bundle 2: We are the bundle…

One more week of the Humble Gems Bundle 2: 

We are the bundle gems. We’re saving the day with this collection of shiny games! To be crystal clear: you’ll get Pinstripe, Hustle Cat, CRYPTARK, Tattletail, and more. We’ll always find a way to bundle awesome new games for you!

Pay what you want and support charity. You choose where your money goes!

Hope and Healing: Four Cancer-Care Groups Receive $200K in NVIDIA Grants to Help Patients and Families

Until there’s a cure for cancer, patients and their families need support.

That’s the goal of Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, which provides care and counseling for children with cancer and their families in the high-need rural areas of California. The service gives families, often at their most vulnerable moment, the financial, emotional and practical support they need.

Jacob's Heart patient
Jacob’s Heart patient

This hands-on effort — and the premise of healing and hope behind it — earned Jacob’s Heart one of four $50,000 grants awarded by the NVIDIA Foundation to nonprofits providing cancer care and support services.

Other recipients include an art therapy workshop serving pediatric hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area, an eye center offering ocular services to an underserved population in India, and a program offering health care information and cancer screenings for at-risk women in India and Nepal.

Eye exam at LV Prasad Eye Institute
Eye exam at LV Prasad Eye Institute

The NVIDIA Foundation, our employee-led corporate giving arm, grants $200,000 each year to four groups around the world through its Compute the Cure Cancer Care grant program. This effort is part of the Foundation’s Compute the Cure initiative to advance the fight against cancer. Through grants and employee fundraising, Compute the Cure has directed more than $3 million to cancer-fighting causes.

Nearly 50 organizations submitted proposals this year to win a Compute the Cure Cancer Care grant. They were evaluated and narrowed to eight finalists by a group of more than three dozen NVIDIA employees. NVIDIANs worldwide then voted for their top choice, with three more selected by the NVIDIA Foundation board. Learn more about them below.

Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services

An NVIDIA grant will help provide counseling sessions, support groups, retreats and expressive arts to 450 children and 2,000 of their family members.  Funds will also support an additional 100 parents of children living with cancer across the U.S. through a mentorship program.

Kids & Art Foundation

Art therapy integrated into a regular treatment plan can help heal, encourage and create memorable experiences for children and their families facing the disease, but it’s not covered by insurance. Kids & Art offers free art workshops, run by volunteer professional artist, in the pediatric oncology waiting areas at two leading children’s hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. An NVIDIA grant will provide more than 200 weekly workshops over the next two years, serving up to 2,400 kids.

LV Prasad Eye Institute

One of the few ocular oncology centers in India, LV Prasad served more than 900 patients last year. Of these, almost half were economically challenged, non-paying patients. NVIDIA’s grant will fund no-cost radiation therapy for more than 450 underprivileged patients in one year, and support the cost of an ocular prosthesis, for those patients who’ve lost an eye to cancer.

Health awareness meeting hosted by VT Seva
Health awareness meeting hosted by VT Seva

VT Seva
To improve early detection of cervical and breast cancers and increase awareness about women’s health among marginalized communities, VT Seva runs door-to-door canvassing and screening camps in remote, low-income communities across India and Nepal. NVIDIA’s grant will help support 50 cancer screening camps, providing no-cost services for 5,000 women and bringing awareness to 50,000 women living in high-need areas.

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