Coming Soon: Tooth and Tail

Liberté! Égalité! Spécialité!

Tooth and Tail, a grimly satirical RTS about organized animal cruelty, is coming soon, DRM-free, to

Time to break the (food) chains! The War for Meat has thrown the animal kingdom into upheaval and everyone is out to subdue and consume their opponents. Customize your faction and lead an army of aggressive fuzzballs through procedurally generated maps to burn, gut, or blast the other woodland creatures into gooey pixels. Then you can go online and brutalize your friends’ furry pets, unless they’re willing to swing by for some couch split-screen play.

2017 Overwatch World Cup Trailer

TRAVELING TO… Shanghai, China 🇨🇳

2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage commencing!

Watch LIVE July 13-15:

Release: Serial Cleaner

Taking care of that brain detail.

Serial Cleaner, a stealth/action simulation starring a shady crime scene cleaner, is now available, DRM-Free on with a 20% launch discount.

The carpet is soaked in blood, dead bodies are haphazardly strewn about, and incriminating evidence is lying there in the open, waiting for the boys in blue to ziplock it.

Well not on your watch.

Put on your shades, sneak around the crime scene undetected, and clean up the mess stat – all to protect the public hygiene and see your mob boss smile.

The 20% discount will last until July 21, 5PM UTC.

From Ferrari to Honda to McLaren, #ProjectCARS2 has you covered…

From Ferrari to Honda to McLaren, #ProjectCARS2 has you covered with all your favorite vehicles. Which one will you choose?

PlayStation Blogcast 255: Kill it With Pyre

Special guest host Greg Kasavin from Supergiant Games joins the team to talk about Pyre, and his experience working in game development. What does it mean to write for a story-based game? How does the team at Supergiant come up with ideas? And how tall is Greg’s Backlog of Shame right now?

Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Pyre!
  • The Sordid Details of Greg Kasavin’s Life
  • Bastion
  • Transistor
  • That’s You!

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Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SIEA
Greg Kasavin – Creative Director, Supergiant Games
Ryan Clements – Sr. Social Media Specialist, SIEA

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This Week At Bungie – 7/13/2017

This is your Destiny 2 Beta pre-flight checklist.