Stream to Multiple Communities to Reach the Most Interested Viewers

We launched Communities in February to help streamers find new viewers interested in their live video. Since then, streamers and viewers have created thousands of Communities, such as Fighting Games, Chill Streams, and Cosplay.

You’ve also given us tons of useful feedback. We kept your comments, suggestions, and requests in mind when building our latest feature, and now, we’re excited to announce that streamers can now broadcast to up to three Communities simultaneously!

Sometimes, a Game and a Community just aren’t enough to accurately let viewers know what your stream is about. By streaming to up to three Communities, you can better categorize your broadcast and reach more viewers who are interested in your content. That means broadcasting to VarietyStreaming, Speedrunning, and Positivity. Or, perhaps Drawing, Anime, and Watercolor. The possibilities are… not quite endless, but trust us, the number is really, really big.

To do this, simply select up to three Communities in the field in your dashboard. For any additional questions about how to stream to multiple Communities, please click here.

As always, Community leaders and moderators have the ability to ban or time-out streams that are not following Community rules, including miscategorization of content. If you stream to a creative Community, please ensure that you also select the Creative Game to ensure that you’re also listed there.

We hope you enjoy the ability to reach more viewers using Communities. Stay tuned for more updates based on your feedback!

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Release: Project Highrise: Miami Malls DLC

More than the sun of its parts.

Project Highrise: Miami Malls DLC gives you the keys to the most luxurious tourist traps under the sun, and is now available, DRM-free on

Hey, big spender. You’re probably here for the sun and the sunny people, but before you jump head first into your hot life Miami, take a moment to relax and accessorize in our grand mall. It’s got everything: beauty salons, chic restaurants, video game arcades – and all against this gorgeous tropical decor that looks even better than the real thing! Plus, the area is fully air-conditioned.

Humble Book Bundle: Stranger Creatures supporting the Jane…

Humble Book Bundle: Stranger Creatures supporting the Jane Goodall Institute

The Stranger Creatures book bundle is full of wild worlds for you to explore! You can also adopt a chimpanzee in this bundle (with a cute lil’ plush version included, too). 

Humble Bundle and Brick Tower Press will donate ALL proceeds from purchases $25 and over to the Jane Goodall Institute!

Release: The Humans Bundle

Survival of the dumbest.

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Three games, one bundle, countless of dumb ways to die! Cheat Darwin’s law in creative ways to keep your persistent primates stumbling through the ages, as they outlast prehistoric and futuristic threats alike. They may be awkward, stupid, and completely unfit for survival, but at least there are a lot of them!

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Stop your scrolling! We have 1 hour until our #ProjectCARS2 twitch stream with NukemDukem. Come to the livestream to see what cars we will feature and how they handle the tracks! We will have a giveaway for a G433 #logitechG headset + ProjectCARS swag!  

Dota 2 Update – July 12th, 2017

* If you issue a pickup items order on the Courier, and it gets interrupted, the next time it is near the fountain it will still pickup your items.