Community Spotlight 8

Hello everyone!

While the devs are working away at updates and content, I’ve put together a new Community Spotlight for this week. You all make some really incredible stuff! You can find it here:

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Answers of the Week 7

Hello everyone! I’ve got some answers to your questions from over the week. They are answered this week by Oscar Lopez, the Lead Designer on Conan Exiles See here for previous answers.

Any plan to fix the light reflection on the hair at night, making it glow like a super saiyan near any torch or fire?

We are aware of the issues with the hair shader (the bit of tech that makes surfaces render in certain ways). At the core it’s an issue with the way the torch and campfire spotlights work. It’s not a straightforward fix but it’s in our list.

Will there be more creatures with the new biome? as in Wolfs in snow part etc. God, I hope wolves won’t give cripple like the damn hyenas

Yes, there will be. Hyena cripple is something we are looking at as well. We all agree it’s not a fun mechanic, but we had to go with it at the eleventh hour because we had serious gameplay flow issues with players easily outrunning and skipping areas that were supposed to be challenging. Sorry for hyenas (and spiders too)!

On the initial splashscreen, it mentions that "fatalities" are coming. What changes are coming to combat, and what will these fatalities look like ideally?

We are looking into proper hit location detection so we can do things like headshots and other vulnerable spots. Our current “on death dismemberment system” does a bit of it, but we want to expand it beyond visuals. We have talked internally about more elaborate special animation fatalities but at the moment we are focusing on the core aspects of combat, like how weapon swings work, what makes you choose an attack over another, the mechanics of stamina and armor, combat rhythm, engage/disengage, blocking and dodging and so on.

When the game was first announced, it was said that the full map would be about 50KM squares. Is that the size of it with this new biome or is there another biome after the Highland planed?

We are adding about 12KM with this biome. The current biome is about 16KM. The map right now is 64KM but there is a some backdrop on the sides and a substantial amount of still unused space. We are not ready to share details about future biomes.

Will races be given more of an impact, besides a backstory? Could be better durability on armor or weapons, better survivability in harsh weather etc.

NPC races already have racial properties. I.e. Cimmerian thralls are tougher warriors than other races. Some thrall recipes are restricted to certain races, and so on. We don’t plan to add different gameplay-related properties to player races. Player race choice is meant to be purely cosmetic.

Could we get some basic animal behaviors? Hyenas group close together, crocs stay close to shore but chase farther out into water, gazelle run away from everything, animals ATTACK EACH OTHER instead of existing in some exclusive player hate alliance, etc?

We are trying to get advanced behaviors like these in as soon as possible. It is absolutely how we wanted them to behave from day 1, but the AI system still needs more work. We wanted different animals to have their own ecologies and we even have distinctions between hunters and predators and a food chain. AI is in the works!

How important is the "rule of cool" when designing new weapons and armor? Or do you consider function to be more important? Also where did the inspiration for some of the weapons and armor come from was there any particular source or did they come from the imaginations of the team?

We try to create cool concepts that are at least reminiscent of proper historical and cultural references. These two aspects are not mutually exclusive. We use a ton of visual reference material from history books and of course from the Conan stories (including their oddities). There are of course a couple of concessions to popular culture and gameplay (i.e. the way shields are used in combat, which is completely unrealistic but works better with the camera and controls).

In general, the idea is to make characters look heroic and reminiscent of the Conan sword & sorcery setting, but we don’t aim to achieve 100% fidelity to historical sources. Will we ever add guns? Probably not (though Khitai). Will we add shields with lanterns on them? Yeah. Rotating mechanical spinblade chakrams? Maybe? (not teasing, just an example).

hey funcom im currently learning unreal engine 4, and c++ so that maybe i can get into the video game world, my question is do you have any advice on unreal engine 4, and maybe video game creation, and what kind of problems should i expect when going into the gaming world? i know these are very broad questions but any advice you can give would help thanks!

This is a gigantic question which can be answered in drastically different ways by different people. My design-biased suggestion is: make games. Doesn’t matter how good or bad or pretty or ugly. Make prototypes and proofs of concept. Make little toys you enjoy tinkering with. Make tons of games. UE4 is a great platform for prototyping that is also used extensively in production environments, so getting good with it is a great way to learn useful skillsets!

Soo.. in future I would LOVE to have GAS bomb type for my load out in Trebuche any thoughts?

I think that would be badass and I would love to bombard your castle with them, promptly followed up by Demon-Fire Barrages! It’d be even cooler if the gas bombs would be made with the rotting corpses of your clanmates.

Hey guys. I’m really lookin’ forward to the new biome, and would love to build my own town there, however I like to play naked besides some basic armour. Would it be too cold in the highlands for me to embrace my cultural nudity? Or will there be some nice warm fur cloaks and fuzzy boots I can wear?

There will be ways to deal with coldness without armor. You can of course wear only boots, if that still satisfies your cultural identity! We don’t have plans to implement independent cloaks at the moment, but some of the new armors do have hanging furry warm stuff on them.

My question is will we ever have Crowns and Tiara’s to wear Conan wears a Tiara’s or crown will we beable to in the future? Id love to get my royalness on<3

Great idea that I’ll relay to the team. Scepter too? What would Conan do?

Will other entities in the game be able to climb or is it something only players can do?

Possibly maybe. Pretty low in a priority list for AI improvements.