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Answers of the Week 5

Hello everyone!
We decided to give Joel a break and let our Lead Designer on Conan Exiles, Oscar Lopez, answer a couple of your all’s questions. You can see the previous answers here.

The feature I am most anticipating is the city life update. I really feel it will go a long way towards not only differentiating this game from the rest of the survival genre, but also elevate it. Now that a couple months have past since it was first discussed can you give us some more information about what you plan to have thralls be able to do, and what sort of interaction the players can have with them?

We don’t have a lot of details to share yet but the general design philosophy is to allow players to create interesting setups for their towns. Stuff like centralized resource storages, upkeep/wages, automatic chain production, job scheduling for thralls, sleeping quarters, thralls automatically opening drawbridges, operating siege cauldrons, repairing your walls, serving your bar and so on. All of those and more are on the table and we are looking forwards to get our hands on this system. Our goal is to make player architects think on their bases as a town and not just as a protective box for their assets.

Why the heck do you get bones from harvesting Sand Reapers and Scorpions? They should not have bones. On a side note, they would be a great source of chitin, which you could be used to make chitin armor (sort of like the reptile skin armor).

You’re right! We are removing bones and hide drops from Sand Reapers, Scorpions and Spiders. This is likely to go in next patch. We will most likely add chitin at some point down the line once we have a clear use for it. Chitin armor sounds great!

Will the Highlands Biome and future biomes be apart of the Exiled Lands? Or are they apart of the normal world of Hyboria?

The Highlands Biome is located directly North of the current Desert Biome. The Cursewall that delimits the Exiled Lands will be extended to include the Highlands. We are basically extending the current playfield. Future biomes might work differently!

Any plans for additional camera options? Such as changing the max camera distance or disabling specific camera modes. I’ve seen a few mentions of server admins wishing to lock their server to a specific camera mode and I’d like to be able to pull back the third-person camera a bit.

This is something that we are considering already as part of our ongoing combat work and Xbox One work.

Any plans for boats/rafts being added?

Not yet, but it’s a cool vehicle type that’s very likely to make it if/when we add biomes with larger areas of open water. Right now, we are focusing on land mounts.

As I recall it was said that climbing will use stamina. Will it be possible to rest and recover stamina while clinging to a wall or will simply holding on to a vertical surface deplete stamina or at the least prevent it from regenning?

We are still iterating on this mechanic. In the current iteration, you only consume stamina when you move and stamina doesn’t regen in holding mode. If you run out of stamina, you fall. Plan is to have climbing gear that helps reduce the stamina cost and to add stamina regen potions, but all those mechanics are still subject to change. Grit will become more important once the climbing system kicks in!

Will we be able to "hide helmet" client side/player only? those hairs are too good to be hidden!

We have debated adding special gameplay functionality to helmets that would be impacted by this. Stuff like deflecting headshots where the presence of the helmet is an indicator of being protected or not. It’s something that might rise in importance depending on how bows/xbows end up in our new combat paradigm. Subject to change but for the time being: no, you can’t hide your helmet.

Are there any plans for changes in ingame chat system?

Still a work in progress. We would like to first improve the basic usability of the chat and then add more features and customization options like channels and better support for clan chat.

Did you guys ever consider allow custom hotkeys for equipping a group of items?

Yes, but it’s something we haven’t gotten around to yet. There are several improvements we would like to make to the action bar and the equip/unequip mechanics. Some of these improvements are aimed at improving the controls scheme, but there’s also stuff like being able to swap between exploration, building and combat modes.

Any plans to support the new i9’s from intel? They are due out this summer.

We are not doing anything special for i9s. That said we expect the game to run great on them.

Are we still getting hardcore servers? By hardcore I mean perma-death, i.e. character deleted upon death.

Maybe in the future. This was never a certainty and still isn’t. We are focusing on the core game experience first.

How is development doing for xb1? Anything that’s difficult with development with Conan on xb1?

Adding console support is always tricky because you must maximize visual fidelity on a performance limited GPU. We need to fit the game in a limited amount of shared memory, accessible by both GPU and CPU. We also need to do extra optimization work on our gamecode, as it currently runs mainly on one thread and on Xbox each CPU core is quite slow compared to a modern PC GPU.
On the other hand, fixed hardware allows us to make assumptions and makes certain optimizations possible. A lot of the Xbox integration work will also benefit the PC builds as well as our server performance! The experience playing on Xbox sitting on a couch is pretty awesome and different from PC.

Keep up the great work guys, can’t wait for Conan on xb1!
Thank you! I can’t wait to take over all you own and crush you under my heel! … I mean play with all you guys in Xbox!

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed UI not displaying the “Searching…” panel when queued for competitive matchmaking

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed UI not displaying the “Searching…” panel when queued for competitive matchmaking

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