AutoMod 2.0: Personalization Update

At the end of last year we launched AutoMod, a super powerful tool that uses a fancy algorithm to automatically detect chat messages which violate a streamer’s chat rules. Since then more and more folks have been turning to AutoMod for help moderating their chats. As a matter of fact, right now about 20% of all Twitch chat gets screened by AutoMod before showing up in Twitch Chat! PogChamp!

The Twitch community has given us tons of great feedback about how we can make AutoMod even better. Today with the help of your feedback we’re launching AutoMod 2.0!

What’s in this update? Three new features that give you even more control over your chat.

Blocked and Permitted Lists

When you turn AutoMod on for your channel, you select from the pre-set moderation levels we’ve created. You’ve told us you want the ability to fine-tune what gets blocked and what makes it past AutoMod’s defenses so we are introducing Blocked and Permitted Lists.

The channel settings page now has two fully customizable lists that augment the default AutoMod levels. Messages with terms on the blocked list are instantly blocked by AutoMod without any action needed from mods, while messages with terms on the permitted list are always allowed through (unless there’s another baddie with it trying to sneak in).

My gawd, its learning! — Automatic Ruleset Modifications

While AutoMod is great at helping moderators catch lots of messages, it can increase the workload on the mod team. But now when AutoMod is enabled, moderator actions will automatically add terms to the permitted and blocked lists on a scaling timeframe: one hour, one day, seven days, and finally permanently. This should drastically reduce the strain on our beloved moderators ❤

For example, let’s say for some reason AutoMod is catching messages that contain “Carl Sagan” and your mods allow the message through since it doesn’t break any rules. Now all messages that contain “Carl Sagan” will be allowed through for one hour. After one hour, AutoMod will catch the message again, and if a mod let’s it through again the rule will be escalated to one day, etc. etc., until the rule becomes permanent. If at any point in that process a mod denies the message, the term goes back to the beginning. And of course you can always add any terms to your permitted and blocked lists so they’re permanent right away.

“Whoa there,” you’re probably saying. “Why so complicated?” AutoMod is a powerful tool, and we want to make sure that if your mods are adding terms to your BLOCKED FOREVER list, that they really mean it.

Fun fact — When we were first teaching AutoMod it thought “Carl Sagan” was a very, very bad word :X. Good thing we fixed it before Cosmos.

Upgrading the Globally Banned Words list

We’ve been relying on the Globally Banned Words list for ages, including before and after we launched AutoMod. With this latest update we are upgrading the Globally Banned Words by porting it into AutoMod as “Level 0”

So what’s actually changing?

If you haven’t opted out of the list, your channel will be placed on AutoMod Level 0. Now AutoMod will use its fancy algorithm to catch terms from the list, even if they’re misspelled. Offending messages will be shown to you and your mod team before they hit chat, just like other AutoMod levels. Now you’ll be able to choose on a case by case basis if these words are allowed, rather than having them blanket banned by Twitch!

If you haven’t tried AutoMod, you can check it out in your channel settings. That’s also where you’ll find the new Blocked and Permitted lists! Happy chatting 🙂

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