Eador: Genesis Giveaway & Eador Series Sale

Welcome to a fractured world of strategic intensity.

Gremlins, Inc. has just made its way into GOG.com! This highly competitive strategy game, starring a lovely bunch of mischievous, greedy gremlins, was designed by Alexey Bokulev, the original creator of the acclaimed Eador series. To celebrate the game’s arrival, we’re having a 48h Giveaway of Eador: Genesis and a grand, up to -85% Eador series Sale for an entire week.

Taking place within a fascinating universe of land shards floating in the Great Nothing, Eador games feature a unique blend of turn-based strategy with RPG mechanics, which make their nonlinear campaigns even more captivating.
Start by picking up your free copy of Eador: Genesis to get better acquainted with this broken world that is constantly contested between the so-called Masters. Then spread your dominion further with Eador. Masters of the Broken World, the Allied Forces DLC and the most recent Eador. Imperium, now up to -85% in our Eador games Sale.

The Eador: Genesis giveaway will last until May 13, 13:00 PM UTC.
The Eador series Sale lasts until May 18th, 13:00 PM UTC. Once the giveaway expires, Eador: Genesis will also become part of the Sale for the remaining time.

STEAM 360 Video Player Now In Beta

The Steam 360 Video Player, which allows for instant playback of VR movies and other linear VR shorts and shows, is now available in beta.

The Steam 360 Video player leverages the Pixvana SPIN Studio technology to enable adaptive streaming in Steam VR, eliminating the need to launch a separate application for playback of linear VR content.

Please visit this link to see a selection of content now available for play via the Steam 360 Video Player, including Fox’s Alien: Covenant In Utero VR experience, Warner Bros.’ LEGO Batman: The Batmersive Experience, Rooster Teeth’s Red vs. Blue 360 episodes, The Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Silent Resonance, and more.

For more information on the 360 video player and system requirements, please click here

Release: Block’hood

Attach the block.

Block’hood, a relaxing neighborhood-builder with a striking art style, is now available DRM-free on GOG.com.

If you were given all the necessary tools, would you manage to create an ecologically sound network of tenements that would never run out of resources and fall into decay? What would its inhabitants be like? Only one way to find out.
Coming out of In Development, Block’hood brings a 5-chapter story mode, alongside an increased number of blocks, optimized performance, and several gameplay improvements.

Release: Gremlins, Inc. & DLC

Ready to play dirty?

Gremlins, Inc., a fierce digital board game where you must outmanoeuvre other gremlin businessmen at every turn, is now available on GOG.com with a 50% launch discount.

This is a gremlin eat gremlin world of ruthless capitalism, political power struggles, and opportunistic moves. Use cunning, subterfuge, and your conveniently maladjusted moral compass to navigate a steampunk universe of cut-throat profiteering, both in single-player and multiplayer.

Expand your experience further with the Digital Artbook or Soundtrack, plus the Uninvited Guests, Astral Gamblers, and Automated Competitors DLC.

The 50% discount will last until May 18, 13:00 PM UTC.

NOTE: The game supports Galaxy/Steam crossplay, GOG Galaxy achievements, and a fully functional mod Workshop, among other things.

Community Focus – Ninja with No L

Speed demon.

Release: Empires: Dawn of the Modern World

Behind every great empire, there is one great strategist.

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, a captivating RTS where you dominate your opponent’s nation by prospering through five historical periods, is now available DRM-free, exclusively on GOG.com.

From the Middle Ages to World War II, the challenges and tribulations that await your civilization will be plenty. Resource gathering, smart allocation of your workforce, and effective deployment of your forces are imperative to thrive in this follow-up to Empire Earth which emphasizes the diverse playstyle of each playable nation.

NOTE: The game does not currently support multiplayer but we are working on resolving the issue.