Release: Realpolitiks

Make politics great again.

Realpolitiks, a grand strategy that lets you lead your country to the top of the world using any means necessary, is now available DRM-free on with a 30% launch discount.

The new world order is upon us. As the leader of your proud nation you must deal with diplomatic affairs, financial crises, terrorism, and espionage before you can become a force to be reckoned with. Or reconciled with.

The 30% discount will last until May 15, 15:00 PM UTC.

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Community Spotlight 2

Hello everyone!

We are continuously amazed and wowed by the creativity Conan Exiles players show. We’ve got a new spotlight with some of our favorite and notable creations.
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PC/Mac Patch Notes v2.7.13

The Elder Scrolls Online v2.7.13 is a small incremental patch that fixes the issue with Bolt Escape not functioning properly, and an issue originating from Unicode Windows login names.

In addition to these two fixes, you can also kick-off the ESO: Morrowind storyline right now by embarking on a new prologue quest, “The Missing Prophecy.” This quest can be picked up from any Inn and will send you on a mission to track and defeat bandits and Daedra, and in the process, uncover a terrifying prophecy that leads directly to the events of ESO: Morrowind. Upon completion of the quest, you’ll receive the Twilight Shard memento that produces a dazzling tribute to Azura.

The size of this patch is approximately 134MB.


Combat & Gameplay

  • Storm Calling
    • Bolt Escape: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could fail to function in certain locations.


  • Fixed an issue if you had a Windows login name containing Unicode characters (such as Japanese), the ESO Documents folder would not be created which would prevent you from saving your settings, screenshots, etc.

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Update v0.904 – The final countdown

Greetings captains,

First of all, apologies for being late with this update. It was planned for yesterday, but we were hunting for an elusive bug that would cause the game to freeze for a couple of frames every so often during combat. We didn’t want to release the update before that one was stomped on.

As we’re entering the final stretch to launch, we decided to release at least one more update for you ladies and gentlemen. I won’t drag this too long. The change-list is below. Check out the first item ;).

We’ll release quickfixes as needed, but if everything goes as planned, the next update will be the launch one. The final stretch will include the storyline (naturally), completely new voiceovers, tweaks, balancing (economic as well) and fixes.

As always, let us know what you think of the game, what bugs you find and so on. We greatly appreciate it.

Safe travels!


  • Behold captains! The Starchart! It’s ALIIIIIVEEE!
    • A lot of work has been done to make this happen, but bugs can easily creep up. Please let us know what issues you find.
  • Check out what can now be found when landing on planets 🙂
  • You now gain experience when doing conquest(y) bits: conquering stations, outposts and planets, as well as raiding structure.
  • Added a notification when you completely finish the Proxima.
  • Tweaked explosion radius and detonation time of mines surrounding prisons.
  • AI fleets will no longer use Cettia gunships. That design is strictly the player’s.
  • A change reputation notification is no longer displayed if the reputation isn’t actually changed (going from -10000 to -10000 is clearly not a change)
  • You can now assign a formation to your fleets by hailing them.
  • The shipbuilding / replication exploit is no longer here. It has been eradicated.
  • Fixed an error that could cause the game to crash in case a "gravity shockwave" script function was used with specific parameters.
  • The player profile is now saved on every change. You should no longer have problems with missing entries in the geminipedia.
  • Borehole equipment is now back to maximum operational status.
  • Fixed a script error in the OnDeactivate scripts of several mining structures.
  • Added the "Ambassador" button hint on the Reputation screen when using gamepads
  • You can no longer "select" stations, structures, planets and garrisons if they’re not visible (fog of war)
  • Random Containers which can be found left or guarded in Gemini, have had HP reduced.
  • Marauder skills range parameters are now displayed on the Skills panel.
  • AI factions are now properly attacking all your structures, stations and forward outposts.
  • AI factions can now beat each other senseless.
  • Fixed an error in the "Sell resources" trade deal that would prevent you from conducting the deal.
  • Merchant perks now affect the costs related to Trade deals.
  • Fixed a Geminipedia error, where the Isle asteroid field was categorized as Tutorial.
  • Hellion front turrets now have extended firing arcs.
  • Added timed autosave. Roughly every 5 minutes the game is saved IF saving is possible.
  • Fixed an error related to UI sounds on the skills panel.
  • Fixed several potential errors in the Prologue that could get you stuck.
  • Objects are now more clearly marked with the "Destroy" tag.
  • Fixed an error related to anomalies that could cause a memory leak.
  • Done some improvements to the Installation defense freelance job
    • If you scan a platform, the following repair is a guaranteed success.
    • Small structures are no longer used on these missions.
  • Using the B button while the Starchart info panel is open, now only closes the info panel (gamepad).
  • The dialogue line selection is now properly displayed.
  • In some cases the context menu would appear for an instant when docking. This no longer happens.
  • Tweaked the Disable skill to make it more clear as to what it affects.
  • Battle power no longer calculates sublight speed, but the base speed parameter as intended.
  • If you don’t have any idle civilian fleets, civilian tasks are not displayed on the Starchart.
  • Added two new player portraits. One female and one male.
  • Added a bunch of news bits that can appear.
  • At the end of the prologue, three hostile ships could appear, basically preventing you from docking on Concordia. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed multiple script errors related to structures that would cause their animations to malfunction.
  • Fixed several issues that occurred when fighters launched heavy weapons.
  • AI fleets roaming zones with unique structures (landmarks) are now buffed with a Warmaster.
  • Steering/Selection mode is now properly saved and loaded.
  • Opening the context menu, while in steering mode, temporarily deactivates steering mode so you can use the context. It reverts back to steering when the context is closed.
  • A notification is now displayed when a trade deal expires.
  • Range of all light weapons has been increased.
  • Optimized fleet and battle handling to improve performance.
  • When starting a new game, by default the game is set to turret view and the camera is more zoomed out.
  • In some instances the Jobs board would remain inaccessible after passing the tutorial bits. This should no longer happen.
  • Issuing the GoTo command onto one of your fleets will now make that fleet follow YOU once you reach them.
  • Added a proper dialogue when the Proxima Construction Site is finished.
  • "Reviving" warmasters is now cheaper.
  • Added new models for important locations
    • Nyarhi
    • Edea
    • Xocarro
    • Spire station
  • Improved fleet formations to prevent faulty behavior.
  • Proxima will now behave slightly different on planetary assaults depending on the current difficulty setting.
  • Encounters improved and take difficulty into account.
    • Some encounters have static difficulty.
    • Others have dynamic difficulty that is also affected by the difficulty setting.
    • On Extreme, some encounters are even more difficult than before.
    • Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • Dying while boarding a ship and then loading will no longer get you stuck in the game.
  • Unfollow command now has its explanation on the Context menu.
  • Added new Geminipedia entries in the Chassis category.
  • Fixed several errors related to faction quests that would count derelict as junk in one quest and junk as derelicts in another.
  • Hailing the Gladiatrix "central billboard" now provides instructions on how to enter the Gladiatrix.
  • Skill and Perk respec is now possible with quartermasters of all Gladiatrix arenas.
  • Planetary assault tweaks
    • Planets now have tweaked power levels.
    • Proxima power calculation increased.
    • While the Proxima is jumping, the text now says "Jumping" instead of "Construction…"
    • Your fleets now stick around the Proxima instead of running after some ship, leaving you to defend the Proxima on your own.
    • If planetary assault is no longer a challenge, increase the difficulty setting to Extreme ;).
  • Gladiatrix arena quartermasters are now additionally marked to make them easier to spot.
  • The right side of the Fleet management panel (splitting a fleet for example) is now tagged as "New fleet" to make things more clear.
  • Power calculation of a station is now more precise. You should have a clearer picture of what you’re getting into.
  • TGate / Wormhole faction ownership is now properly saved. A potential error related to legacy saves is also fixed.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and done a few tweaks in the Gladiatrix
    • Winning an arena now grants a Perk point.
    • Winning an areana now grants +25 Reputation.
    • Player’s warmasters will no longer spawn in the last fight.
    • All enemy contestants are now properly marked to make them easier to spot.
    • Fixed several dialogue glitches.
    • Enemy contestants will now focus primarily on the player.
  • AI ships are now properly equipped with fighter wings (those that have the capability of course).