80 PLUS Platinum efficiency; What does it mean, and what's the benefit to me?

Efficiency is something we hear about a lot when talking about power supplies.  Today, we’re going to talk about what efficiency means, how it is calculated and how having a more efficient Corsair power supply can save money on your electric bill over a lesser efficient power supply unit.

Just this past month, Corsair introduced the AX1200i Digital ATX power supply; a 1200W power supply for desktop computers with DSP (digital signal processing) and 80 Plus Platinum efficiency.  Platinum is currently the highest level of efficiency certified for desktop power supplies by the people behind 80 Plus; testing for at least 92% efficiency at 50% load.  Compared to a unit that is 80% efficient or one that is not 80 Plus certified at all that can have an efficiency as low as 60 to 70%, how much money can you save on your electric bill?


The efficiency of the AX1200i PSU