Obsidian Series 900D FAQ's

With the recent release of the Obsidian Series 900D case there have been a few frequently asked questions which I would like to address in this blog.

1. How do I remove the top cover?

The complete top cover comes off in one piece; however you must remove the side panels first. Once the side panels are released (via the push buttons on the rear of the case), and removed, the top panel will slide off toward the windowed side panel side of the case. See the picture below which shows the direction to slide the top cover.

With some 900Ds it may have a very snug fit, and if it feels difficult to slide off, then you may just tap it from the rear side panel side with a hammer or screwdriver handle to get a bit more leverage, but if you use a tool you will want to cover the surface with a cloth so you do not scratch the case.