How to Build a PC – Introduction and Planning

How to Build a PC

Hello, and welcome to my PC builders guide! A few notes before we get started. This guide is meant to help the first time builder tackle their first build with increased confidence and expert precision, but the seasoned pro might find some useful information as well.

About me: I am Jeff Checchi, and have been with Corsair since April of 2007. During this time I have had many responsibilities, but those most relevant to this guide are the responsibilities to plan and build most of Corsair’s show/demo systems. If you have seen a system in a Corsair booth at a show, or seen pictures of our systems online, odds are that I built it! Even before I was working for Corsair I was a PC enthusiast. I built my first PC in the summer of 2000, right before I left home for college. At the time I needed something that could handle Counter-Strike all my notes and homework needs. The system had an AMD 750MHz CPU and Voodoo 3 graphics card, and while at the time it was a fast system, todays cell phones are more than twice as fast! But enough nostalgia, let’s get down to business.