Vegas Gets the Gangstar Holiday Treatment

If you haven’t had enough of the holiday surprises just yet you’re in luck. Gangstar Vegas has released a festive new update that’s packed full of Christmas cheer. With new themed weapons, vehicles, Seasonal Suits, a whole new in game event and a festively themed Exoskeleton, this update is jam packed with season’s greetings and a pretty bow on top. Street Cred event – Snow Storm Jumping straight in, let’s take a look at the new Street Cred event. Players can hit the streets and complete as many special missions as they can to collect cred before the time runs Continue Reading

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『ドラゴンクエストビルダーズ2』の進化とは? 快適で多彩な遊びが待っている【特集第2回/電撃PS】

『ドラゴンクエストビルダーズ2 破壊神シドーとからっぽの島』の進化ポイントはココ! 気になる要素をチェックしていきます。

Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Is Now Available For Xbox One

Product Info: Developer: Codename Entertainment Publisher: Codename Entertainment Website: Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Twitter: @CodenameEnt / @idlechampions